About Us

I have been fishing walleye and perch on Saginaw Bay since 1976. The thrill of the rod going off and the not knowing what is on the other end has been what prompted me to sharing this experience with others. I have had my captain’s license for 18 years. My boat is a 30-foot Penn Yan with all updated equipment. I have fished many ports in Michigan and found that Saginaw Bay has been one of the top producers of a great fishery. I can guarantee a good time, and a great experience. I work for myself, in other words, I care about each and every charter I take out, because it’s my business. I always give my best to catch fish in hopes of seeing you again.

Our Boat

30 foot Penn Yan • Twin 350 Chevy’s • All Required Safety Equipment
• Video graph • Rods, lures provided
•  Ship to Shore Marine radio • GPS with plotter • USCG Licensed and Insured • Michigan DNR Inspected and Licensed.

What is a Charter
A charter is fun and relaxing. Besides, it’s cheap!! You can fish with a Coast Guard Licensed Captain aboard a fully equipped boat. Charter several times a year-cheaper than owning and maintaining your own boat.
Just show up and you’ll have fun!

Let’s Go Fishing!

Plan now for your fishing trip with your family, friends at the office, your club or your best customers.

We will be happy to arrange for:

  • Group Outings
  • Private Tournaments

Recommended things to bring

Make Your Reservations Early!

Dates Go Quickly! . . .